Aqua Aerobics

The socially enjoyable aqua fitness classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes are held at regular times throughout the week. Bookings are essential, please contact the Centre for bookings and times.

Aqua Aerobics is a fantastic way to get fit and have fun. While enjoying the water you can improve stability, mobility, posture, muscle strength and tone. Individuals can work at an intensity that they desire. A combination of water-based strength and cardio exercises are used during the class applying the natural resistance of the water which is gentle on the joints, giving you a great workout.

Classes are run year-round in the indoor 25 metre pool, which is heated to 29oC. There is no limit to age or fitness ability. Aqua Aerobics is designed to work at your own pace while using variations of foam equipment, allowing you to increase resistance and adversity.

What to Expect

Classes are made up of choreographed routines and circuits of exercises to do in the water. Choreographed routines are best achieved at chest depth water but can be done at any depth you feel comfortable at. You do not have to be able to swim to participate in classes either. We do advise participants to bring a water bottle to classes, to have on the side of the pool to stay hydrated throughout the session.

Land Based Fitness Classes

Over 50’s Move it or Lose it Land Based – Light intensity – An exercise class that is great for the over 50’s age group. Offering a range of movement, posture, balance, and of course all while having fun. Session will take place either outside or in the PCYC

Impact (land based) – Cardio orientated workouts with a mixture of strength. Suitable for most fitness levels. Work as hard as you want!

Fitball (land based) – Core exercises which help with balance and coordination as well as tone your body. Suitable for beginner to intermediate

Strength(land based)Training to improve muscle strength includes lifting weights or otherwise increasing resistance against which you work and improving general fitness. These classes will include the use of barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Want to learn something new, give this one a go!

Fitness for beginners (land based)– Would you like to exercise with a group and don’t want to join a gym? This is ideal for someone starting out. Gentle exercises to get you moving ready to progress into other options.