A Pool of Short Stories

A Pool of Short Stories is a series of documentaries that dive into how and why swimming leaves such an indelible impression on people from all walks of life – and at any age – at the Burnie Aquatic Centre. We like to call it Aquanimity. Mental and emotional composure, poise, calmness and confidence associated to swimming. Go on. Jump in.


Christine Brown

At 60 years young, Christine Brown is truly an inspiration. A Masters Games swimming competitor and champion, her dedication to her sport, is second to none. For over 50 years she has followed her routine, over and over. Having swum more than 30 million meters at the Burnie Aquatic centre it would be fair to agree she has self-confessed black line fever.


Amy Cole

Finding herself emerged in the peaceful, calm, silence of the mornings starting her day swimming laps at the Burnie Aquatic Centre you will find Amy Cole. Her effortless glide through the water reminds us that swimming is as good for our wellness physically as mentally. “It’s a way of winding down and great for fitness”, says Amy.


Keith Price

For over 50 years Keith Price has been teaching swimming here at the Burnie Aquatic Centre. He has seen the benefits of learning to swim has a far more reaching effect on changing young lives. It teaches independence, confidence and empathy. A retired school teacher Keith now enjoys the delight and happiness from teaching swimming lessons that last a lifetime in and beyond the pool.


Grace Rodgers

From 4 time Champion local swimmer to selfless local lifeguard at the Burnie Aquatic Centre, Grace Rodgers graces us on every shift with an ever watchful gaze over our visitors and guests to ensure their enjoyment and safety. It’s nice to have Grace as part of our fish family.


Keith and Mark


Geri Doherty


Jordyn Lyons


Judy and Dylan

Talking Under Water

Sea-Lyons Fitness

May 6th, 2021|Fitness|

Aqua Aerobics The socially enjoyable aqua fitness classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes are held at regular times throughout the week. Bookings are essential, please contact the Centre for bookings and times. Aqua Aerobics is a fantastic way to get fit [...]

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